Weight Loss

Lose 16.4 kilos in just 30 Days!

30 Day Juice Detox

Discover the ‘Secret’ on how to lose 16.4 kilos in just 30 days?

Here’s the ‘Secret’ …

  • Drink fresh juice for 30 days!

What??? You were expecting more? Okay, here’s the extrapolated version …

  • Drink (preferably organic) freshly squeezed green and fruit juice for 30 days!

That’s it.

I’m not trying to sell you any weight-loss program or diet. You can buy the ingredients for this ‘program’ at any local farmers’ market.

My inspiration

Truth is … my primary motivation for doing a 30-Day Juice Fast/Detox was NOT weight loss. My motivation was simply to improve my health. The weight loss was a secondary benefit.

My inspiration came from watching Joe Crosses’ video ‘Fat Sick and Nearly Dead’ http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com/

You can watch the movie for FREE on YouTube here … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XDSpuMIMPs

I related to some of the health concerns and medical treatments Joe was undergoing, as was I. It seems common sense to me – give the body the most nutritious food (fresh fruit and vegetables) and a format that is most easily digested (juice) so that it can begin to heal itself naturally.

The best juicer

I researched many different juicers and chose what I feel was best for me … the Green Star Elite 5000. I’m not saying you need to buy the Green Star from our shop to do a juice fast. You don’t.

But the more research I did into the best juicers, the results continually pointed to a slow cold press juicer (click HERE to read more on benefits of cold press juicers).

And if you chose to use a high speed centrifugal juicer because they’re generally cheaper – that’s okay. You’ll receive less juice which will oxidise quicker (won’t last in storage) but at least … you’re juicing. And that’s what is most important.

At the end of the day, it’s your body and your decision. For me, I like to invest in ‘the best’ and give myself maximum nutrition and benefit to improve my health.

Having said that …

I partied hard

Pre-detox, I partied hard. I was out drinking alcohol and cocktails the night before I commenced my 30-Day Detox. From my direct personal experience, I do NOT recommend this approach. Far from it.

Many people far more experienced than I in the area of detoxing safely have shared with me since; much more ‘gentle’ ways to detox and ways to be more kind to your body.

Throughout my life, my style has always been to ‘bungee jump in without the bungee cord attached’ (a sort of ‘all or nothing’ approach to life). And that’s what I did.

Pre-detox, I wanted to enjoy my last moments of freedom (what I previously thought was freedom), so I consumed; coffee, vanilla slice, big thick juicy steak and chips, alcohol, cocktails, etc.

I had my last alcoholic drink at 11:53pm and commenced my detox 7 minutes later at 12 midnight. Again, I do NOT recommend this approach (please learn from my mistakes).

At 12:04pm, I proudly posted on Facebook …

“Well, I’m 3 minutes into my Detox and am pleased to report … no side effects at this stage!”

Much to the amusement of my friends. If I’m going to do a detox, I may as well make it as much fun as I can and approach it with a sense of humour. God knows I’ll probably need it.

Burnt my bridges

I’ve never done a detox before. I had no idea what I was in for. Fearful that I may not make 30 days, I agonised over this decision and finally … I decided to be fully transparent.

I stepped onto the scales naked, looked down and saw my weight at 111.7 kilos and took a photo of the scales. Then I posted the following onto Facebook for all my friends to see …

“How’s this for transparency (and commitment)? I’m openly showing my weight on Day1 of my detox … 111.7 kilos, as of this morning. Let’s see how I go? Wish me luck … watch this space! No turning back now! Bridge is officially ‘burnt’. :o)

The first day was relatively easy.

And then came ‘HELL’

What can I say to help you here?I went through 4 days of ‘living hell’. To say it wasn’t pleasant is an understatement. I experienced (‘suffered’ is a more apt word); nausea, diarrhoea, excruciating headaches and generally felt like ‘death warmed up’. I found the headaches to be the worst – so much pain.

It was just all of the toxins coming OUT of my body. Better out than in (that’s so easy to say NOW). The good news is … after 4 days of ‘living hell’, I then felt AMAZING and then had SO MUCH ENERGY!

But I had to get to ‘the other side’.

If you heed my warning and don’t go out drinking alcohol and eating crap junk food etc. immediately prior to your detox, then hopefully you’ll be much more kind to your body and in return, your body will be more kind to you.

I pretty much deserved the punishment I received. Again, easy to say now. But I did.

Helpful Hint: For info on a more gentle approach to prepare for your detox, please read more HERE.

If you are experiencing your own version of my ‘living hell’ as the toxins exit your system, I can tell you if you persist and ‘push through this’, it will pass.

Rite of Passage

It felt like a ‘rite of passage’ for me and thankfully I passed.

As I mentioned earlier, once I passed through my 4 day challenge of what felt like ‘living hell’, then … I felt GREAT!

I felt so energetic, so alive and so aware. My mind gained a new found clarity that’s hard to describe. My thinking was razor sharp and acute.

Everything is life became more ‘real’. I noticed colours more vividly. I noticed more sounds. I felt more connected with nature and people.

And life seemed to flow effortlessly. Opportunities suddenly began to appear left, right and centre. My business surged forward with seemingly no effort.

On Day 30, I stepped onto the scales once again. And this is what I posted on Facebook on Day 30 with photos of the scales (before and after) …



I DID IT!!! I actually DID IT!!!

My dream goal was to lose 16 kilos. As of this morning, just 30 days after beginning my organic juice detox …

I’ve ‘let go of’ 16.4 KILOS!!!
… in just 30 days – and feel great!

Before photo: 111.7kg 20 Apr
After photo: 95.3kg 20 May

Whoo hoo!!!
Feeling very proud of myself right now – as I sit here quietly smiling to myself. I love my life! :o)

And not meaning to get all esoteric on you but the greatest benefit to me personally from doing this detox was … I felt like I was vibrating at a much higher frequency. Everything seemed lighter and I attracted the most beautiful high-energy people into my world. That’s what I loved the most.

And if I could ‘magically’ share this amazing feeling with everyone, even just temporarily so they could feel it firsthand, I believe everyone would give themselves the ‘gift of a detox’ so that this feeling becomes an integral part of their everyday lives. Once you experience how good life can be at a cellular level – it’s hard to go back to experiencing ‘less’.

If YOU would like to experience the many benefits of completing a detox; more energy, focus, clarity and not to mention … weight loss, in your life, please contact us wecare@nakednaturalhealth.com.au and let us support and help you.